Suolijärven Sauna – wood heated winter swimming sauna

News: The sauna is on summer break, opens again 8. of September.

The opening hours of the sauna are divided to shifts with web page seat booking. One shift is 1 hour and in addition dressing&shower time before and after. If there are free seats in the sauna before or after your shift, you can extend your sauna session. Similarly you can also use the other sauna, if there is space.  If you don’t book a seat beforehand, you can come ”with a risk” and the sauna carer makes the booking to the next shift with seats available.

Sauna is a mixed sauna, swim suit mandatory.

Big dressing rooms with showers and toilets and some lockers (ask for a locker key from the sauna carer) are about 100 m from the saunas.

Welcome to this cosy ”summer cottage” like public sauna with traditional wood heated stove. Enjoy also the great landscape of Suolijärvi, cold water of the lake, snow and good sauna company. Before your sauna session, you can make some walking in the nature trails of Suolijärvi/Hervantajärvi.

Address of the sauna: Suolijärvenkatu 5.  Public transportation: Bus number 6  ( bus stop Teekkarinkatu)  or tram route 3 (stop Hervanta kampus, about 1 km walk).

Get familiar with:  winter swimming instructions

Entrance fee

The Sauna fee is 7 €, 5 times card 30 €

Students, retired, unemployed 6 €, 5 times card 25 €.

Children (under 12 year) 4 €, 5 times card 16 €.

Payment to the sauna carer by the small sauna.  Payment method is card, Mobile Pay or sport benefit apps of ePassi, Smartum and Edenred. Cash is not accepted.  Five times cards are just for personal use.

Gear and service

Bring with you swim suitwinter swimming shoes or e.g. thick socks for walking snowy&icy paths and decks, water to drink (no tap water available near the sauna).

Gas grill available (not if less than -10 degrees), bring your own sausages.

Seat booking

Here the link to the reservation system:

Rent the sauna

You can also rent the whole sauna for your group in Suolijärvi. You can e.g. do some sports together at Suolijärvi recreational area, then go to the sauna and dip to the lake (and possibly grill some sausages) and then continue the evening e.g. in the centre of Hervanta.

It is possible to rent the 15 sauna goers sauna for your group BEFORE the public sauna hours, 85 €/h. Only the big public dressing rooms with showers are in use (lockers available) Ask more!

It is possible to rent the 15 sauna goers sauna for your group AFTER the public sauna hours, 85 €/h. Only the small dressing rooms near the lake without showers are in use (small lockers available). Ask more!

For more info or reservation, call 040 0243559

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